To Make You Think Deeply, Act Passionately and Grow Steadily

School of Greatness Worldwide is a unique educational institution which uses seminars and webinars to facilitate classes on life matters, leadership, entrepreneurship, public speaking, coaching and more.

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A Course for Everybody

No matter your achievements in life today, you can be more, do more, have more and give more with just a little more guidence.

The Key to Confidence

The Foundation for Massive Success. Unlock Courage, Boldness & amp: Purposeful Passion

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How to Beat Procrastination

Get your body moving and your heart pumping with cardio inspired dance routines.

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How to Maintain Focus

Seven Critical Aspects for Personal Transformation & Exceptional Leadership

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A global leadership and management consultant with over two decades of experience in enabling governments, corporations, churches, communities, and schools to develop the capacity and abilities they require to achieve stringent goals and objectives. An executive coach to politicians, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, professional athletes, and a host of elite clients, Alex travels the world extensively each year to inspire thousands with his aspiring messages of greatness, hope, organizational success, leadership, and personal accountability.

More About Me

What is your take on the concept of leadership? How would you define it? One of the most complex concepts in the world is leadership. Therefore, no matter the number of books published about it or the vast amount of content on the internet, it cannot be exhausted because leadership is one of the most evolving topics on earth. As things change, things change, including leadership. To better understand any concept or precept, you must be acquainted with the definition of it. You must go beyond the mere dictionary definition to knowing what it truly means … to you and others and in different contexts and situations. Leadership may only be a word in the dictionary, but it is a global phenomenon. What is your take on leadership? To hear how I defined it in a video of just about a minute, watch this video.

Alisha Tatham

I found this school while transitioning from a professional athletic career and at my most broken state personally. Alex and his schools philosophies and message gave me the boost I needed to push forward towards even greater heights than I could even imagine, through the rigorous courses and work

Sheea Ann Hewan

"It was a divine connection when I encountered Alex Ihama and the School of Greatness. His philosophy and teachings are not only revolutionary, but effective in helping people recognize and pursue their purpose in life and ultimately find fulfillment. His most significant message is that there is purpose in your pain and we must turn it into gain. That was a transforming moment for me. The lessons taught in this programme are invaluable for anyone seeking a better life in every way."

Camille Atkinson

"This school is truly set on a path of transforming lives. With its philosophy of being spiritual in mindset and strategic in approach, the International School of Greatness offers a one-of-a-kind balanced thought leadership."

Jennifer Collins Van Kirk

"There are NO excuses in the School of Greatness; only Challenges, Encouragement, Learning, and Growth! Teamwork is also a big part of the school. As a student, I have been able to not only learn from Alex, but from my fellow classmates, who represent an amazing caliber of people."

Dianne Adair

"I signed up for one course and was so transformed that I have done several courses after and still going! I’ve learnt, unlearned and relearned so many life changing nuggets towards a life of fulfillment and purpose through self discovery, self- awareness and self- actualization. These courses awakened me to finding my purpose by looking at my pains, and insight on sustaining my passion. I love how personal and encouraging Alex and his team are and the holistic approach used to impart the tools to greatness. I’m especially grateful to be able to express my spiritual beliefs in my path to fulfillment. My confidence, leadership skills and life of purpose is so much better because of this amazing school. I think meeting Alex was a divine connection and I’m ever so grateful. His books are treasures as they remind me that I can soar higher and higher and higher."

Jayne Mbabazi

"Not only am I reading this book as part of my own healing,training and coaching, but would recommend that "Welcome to Greatness" be used in high schools, group homes and prisons. The way Alex has his chapters organized, I see how this book can be turned into a program to help rehabilitate and heal so many people. Already I find it useful when counselling those struggling with addictions and PTSD...Very important that all youths are able to get their hands on this book! If I had read "Welcome to Greatness" before or during my teenage years, my life would have been a different story.Then again, I probably would have no Phd in PAIN!"

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