A global leadership and management consultant with over two decades of experience in enabling governments, corporations, churches, communities, and schools to develop the capacity and abilities they require to achieve stringent goals and objectives. An executive coach to politicians, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, professional athletes, and a host of elite clients, Alex travels the world extensively each year to inspire thousands with his aspiring messages of greatness, hope, organizational success, leadership, and personal accountability.

Whether you are a CEO, politician, pastor, professor, parent or some kind of professional, my speaking engagements, training sessions, coaching programs and consulting services are designed to think deeply, act passionately and grow steadily. My objective is to deliver the ultimate in training experience to ensure sustainable changes and maximum living.

The innovative coaching framework which I pioneered is based on decades of deep psychological, physiological, spiritual and philosophical researches, and transcends religious, cultural, racial and socio-economic backgrounds.

I have used this framework to successfully turn organizations around and helped thousands of people around the world to discover their purpose in life, overcome their challenges, achieve their goals, attain entrepreneurial success and build their legacies.

You can learn more about me, my messages and philosophies in my books, Welcome to Greatness, and The Mystique of Leadership and on my social media.